Ajarn Sasiprapa Pota




MS.C.. (Hospitality and Tourism Management), University College Birmingham, United Kingdom

B.B.A. (Business Administration), Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai

Ajarn Sasiprapa loves travelling, especially to historical sites and natural attractions around the world. However, her most memorable trips were to Santorini, Greece and Croatia. Her other key interest is in Jazz music. In fact, she is also a skilled musician playing Saxophone is attracted to its “charming voice.” For her master degree, she studied Hospitality and Tourism Management in Birmingham, UK. During her stay, she learnt how to live independently and appreciate the relationships with diverse groups of friends having different backgrounds. Her thesis paper conducted in Univeristy College Birmingham was about the projected and perceived image of the tourist destination.

Her work experience in the tourism industry started quite early as she helped her family business in tourism. In addition to this, she worked in real estate companies for five years: Asian Property Development, Bangkok and Himma Prestige Living, Chiangmai. She also experienced in the marketing field at PIAS International Thailand, an international brand selling cosmetic products. Being a lecturer at Payap, she loves the international identity that International College Payap has and feels a greater responsibility and connection in taking care of her students.

Payap University – Mae Khao Campus
Room PC307, Pentecost Building
Ph: (+66) 53 851 478 – 86 Ext. 7222