Never before has tourism extended to so many countries and regions of the world. As more and more people travel, the hospitality industry worldwide faces an increasing demand for professionals with up-to-date training and strong language skills. The active hotel and tourism industry in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia has experienced remarkable recent success, and the industry continues to expand and diversify.

The Hospitality Industry Management bachelor’s degree program promotes a global vision of travel and tourism – with courses on quality control, environmental standards, cultural practices, and the legal aspects of hospitality management – while giving students the practical training and fundamental skills they need to succeed in the industry.


Quality in Service is the Truth of Hospitality


The International Hospitality Management department aims to produce graduates who have knowledge of society, theory, and ethics, allowing “Truth-Service” to apply in their daily lives and careers in the Hospitality industry.

Objectives of Hospitality Industry Management:

  1. To prepare quality international students to be professional to serve in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry which is growing rapidly, especially within ASEAN.
  2. To encourage and develop personnel who are able to understand the operational organization of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry and who can work effectively according to world standards.
  3. To provide knowledge and understanding for International students to learn and exchange different cultural experiences and acquire the invaluable experience of studying together.
  4. To offer practical training in International Hotel and Tourism Management through internship programs.
  5. To provide International students with a worldwide vision of Hospitality and Tourism entrepreneurship.

Why HIM at Payap University Chiang Mai- International College?

  • Prepares students for international careers
  • All classes taught in English by professors with international experience
  • Small class size and personal advising gives students individual attention
  • Brand new computing and research facilities in a major university
  • The chance to study one or two foreign languages
  • Professional support services, career counseling, and job connection
  • Internships and study abroad at partner institutions in Asia, Australia, and United Sates
  • Safe and comfortable lifestyle in Chiang Mai
  • Easy access to Bangkok and neighboring countries
  • Develop friendships with people from many counties and cultures

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